I am a Hero Live Action: A Comment Review from a Person Who Hasn't Read the Manga

So, on my Facebook newsfeed, I saw someone shared his thoughts about the I am a Hero Live Action movie.

As expected, the comments are a bunch of negatives telling that they were disappointed, that the manga was much better.

I was tempted to read the manga right away, but has chosen to watch the live action film instead.

Honestly, as someone who hasn't read the manga, the movie is really good.

I have watched it around 11pm, and I was screaming all over the place. My husband even told me to shut up because it was almost midnight.

But I couldn't help it.

This zombie-genre film is different than the other zombified movies out there. They could talk. Their actions reflect what they have been in the past. Some move slow. Some could run. Some could jump at a seven meter wall.

But most of all, the zombies look gross.

And the one who played the Hero, Suzuki Hideo, is a great actor. He really portrayed well the hardships and life of a 35-year old manga artist who has never been published.

So looking back at the character of Hideo, he is truly an inspiring person even if he isn't successful in life yet.

Highly recommended live action movie.



Kingdom Anime: Better than Arslan Senki

The first anime series that I watched with a historical and warring state plot is Arslan Senki. And I liked it very much. However, I have a new favorite and that is the season 1 of the Kingdom anime.

Though the Kingdom anime premiered on 2012, I just discovered it a couple of days ago. I'm actually looking for a new manga to read and Kingdom belongs to the top charts. 

Reading its summary, I know it would be worth it. 

War-orphaned slaves dreaming big to become Great Generals of the Heavens? That's already pretty awesome for me. 

Though most shounen and seinen anime have that typical dream-to-success stories with a predictable plot, I'm not that picky. I'm not really looking for anything unique. As long as it is within the action genre, I'm in!

So I googled if Kingdom has an anime series, cos for me, any story with action should be watched on the screen! Who's with me?

And lucky! Kingdom manga has an anime series.

While others are disappointed by Kingdom's CGI animation making them to drop the series, I'm not. I used to hate CGI too cos the animation seems to move at a turtle motion. But I learned to grow up and focused more on the story instead. I actually think Kingdom's CGI animation is a lot more tolerable than the CGI of Berserk 2016.

Despite its CGI flaw (which does not really matter for me), I think Kingdom is a great anime to watch. You could feel the surging emotions happening in a battlefield. Confidence. Bravery. Doubt. Deceit. Hopelessness. Sadness. And the feeling of obtaining a Glorious Victory.

Can't wait to start watching season 2. I finished watching all 38 episodes within 3 days which is already an achievement for me. Cos you know, work gets in the way of anime.

Have you already watched Kingdom anime too? What can you say about it? Awesome, right?

Rate: 10/10


First Impressions: Keijo!!!!!!!!
keijo anime boobs clash

Keijo. A sports anime that involves the clash of boobs and butts.

Most find Keijo laughable (yet interesting because of the ecchi stuff) when they saw its anime trailer, and now, the first episode. Anyway, what kind of sports uses boobs and butts in a sports battle?

Nevertheless, I honestly think that Keijo has a unique and great story especially in the manga. I have finished reading its manga a long time ago, and I was excited to find out that Keijo now has an anime series.

However, Keijo anime didn't turn out to be as great as the Keijo manga.

I know. This is just a common scenario wherein the manga becomes trash as soon as it is adapted to an anime series.

However, the Keijo anime is just way too beyond meh.

The art is obviously good and the music definitely fits its battle scenes, but the story?

It has become laughable.

Though Keijo is a "unique" sports, reading the manga will make you feel taking Keijo seriously.

Reading its manga will make you view Keijo as a bonafide sports. It will make you forget about the boobs and butts because the "characters" are taking the sports seriously. You will be enamored with their tenacity and unique personalities.

But the Keijo anime didn't capture the characters' personalities and the narrative falls short.

I had really high hopes for this anime because its manga is just too good. So I'm dropping this one.

By the way, if you would still watch Keijo, here are the people you should watch out for. They are the legendary members of room 309.

keijo anime room 309

First Impressions: Is All Out!! Worth Watching?

All Out!! is an anime series about the rugby sports. Its main protagonists are Iwashimizu (the giant blonde being bullied above) and Gion (the short guy below).

So is All Out!! worth watching?

Well yes, if you love sports anime and rugby sports.

I love sports anime but I'm gonna pass on this one because of the following reasons:

  • I feel like I'm watching Baki the Grappler because of the art style. Guys with bulgy built yet with girly eyelashes. I don't know if All Out!! and Baki the Grappler both have the same artists.
  • I just couldn't stand Iwashimizu's personality. Look at the picture below, you'll get what I mean.

How about you? Are you gonna watch this show? Please feel free to comment.


Summer 2016 Anime You Should Include In Your Watchlist [Part 1]
It's a miracle that I managed to grab some luxurious time to watch anime for the summer 2016 season. Well actually, it's not a miracle. I deliberately ditched household chores and doing the laundry just for the sake of watching most (if not all) of the summer 2016 anime.

And I was surprised to see that there are so many good series this season compared to the spring season. So here are the anime series that piqued my interest (not in order):

91 Days

91 Days is an anime that revolves around vengeance. Avilio Bruno, whose family is killed by their enemy mafia, has vowed to exact revenge.

Most anime series have thought us that vengeance won't do you any good as it will only be a cycle of hate and sorrow. But I couldn't blame Avilio for wanting revenge. If your dearest parents and only little brother are killed right before your eyes, won't you feel the same?

Alderamin on the Sky

"Year 905 on the Imperial Calendar. This man, Ikta Solork, would later come to be known as the Invincible Lazy General." Now, who wouldn't be hooked with that? I will certainly won't take my eyes away from this lazy yet super amazing guy.

Alderamin on the Sky is produced by Madhouse by the way. The studio that produced other great anime series such as Death Note, High School of the Dead, One Punch Man, Parasyte, Hunter X Hunter 2011, Death Parade, Claymore, and many more! So I have really high hopes for this anime.

Arslan Senki S2

So glad to see Prince Arslan to be back on screen. Before watching this, make sure you have watched season one first. Let's see how this seemingly weak and girly-looking prince reclaim his throne from his kingdom's enemies.


I'm about to drop Berserk from my watchlist because of its CGI animation. It's not badly drawn; however, those pencil-line shadows will get on your nerves, and the characters seem to move in slow motion. But I decided to tolerate it because I have heard that the old Berserk anime has a very terrific plot. Also, the fight scenes and goriness of the first episode made me want to stick to this anime remake.

Cheer Danshi

Would you like to watch an all-boys cheer dancing group? I certainly would! Don't worry. Cheer Danshi is not like those all-boys idol group anime series, wherein there are only hot guys singing (badly) and dancing (in a robot-like manner). Cheer Danshi has a solid and interesting story. From being members of the judo club, our main protagonists here will be entering the world of cheer dancing. Can you imagine?

D. Gray-man Hallow

I'm a fan of D. Gray-man season one so I definitely wouldn't be missing this. I would suggest that you watch season one first or else you might not understand the entire story. D. Gray-man in general is about exorcists who are fighting the akuma and their ring leader, the Millenium Earl.

That's it for today! Wait for Part 2.


Tokyo Ghoul Will Have a Live Action Film! Are You Excited for This?
Oshiete yo oshiete yo sono shikumi wo...

No, they're not the cast. They're only the cast for Tokyo Ghoul's stage play.

Yes, Tokyo Ghoul will be having a live action film! Though there's not much details yet.

And because of this very shocking news, I would like to ask your feelings about this.

Are you excited? Or are you just like many other anime and manga fans who already predicted that the adaptation will be bad?

Comment screenshots from Goboiano

Well, I couldn't blame them if they complain first before they see the movie.

There are a lot of live action films that gave cancer to most anime and manga fans saying that the live action films have killed the plot of the original story (such as Attack on Titan Live Action).

Or if they haven't killed the story, they killed the adaptation by having not-so great actors and poor graphics or movie effects (such as Parasyte Live Action).

Despite Japanese Live Action Films almost always failing the expectations of anime and manga fans, I'm still hyped whenever a good anime will be having a live action.

I prefer them being adapted by the Japanese instead of Hollywood because when an anime is adapted, most of the characters became sluts (just like what happened to Goku and Chichi in Dragonball Evolution).

So let's give Tokyo Ghoul Live Action a chance. It might not be as bad as you think.

According to BandagedMask-San, Ishida Sui will be "cautious with this movie and will try to keep this movie from going to the Hall of Live Action Shame" which is based on what he read on Ishida's Twitter account. Read the full comment of the fan below.

Comment screenshot from Goboiano


What Does Kakashi Look Like When He Doesn't Have His Mask On?

For so many years, Hatake Kakashi's true face has been a mystery. Even the Naruto anime series made a special episode out of it.

Who wouldn't be curious to see his true face? Even the ever serious Sasuke let himself in on Naruto's silly mission on revealing their sensei's face.

And it's kind of funny on what kind of faces they imagined on what's under Kakashi's mask.

Does Kakashi have big lips? A buck teeth? Or one with a small mouth? Well, neither of them. This is what Kakashi really looks like without his mask on:

And this one is legit. It's not a fanart. Kishimoto Masashi revealed Kakashi's true face during an art exhibition in Tokyo last April 25, 2015.

Here's a colored version:

So if you happen to see any images of Kakashi without a mole on his face, those are only fanarts.


Garden of Words: The Student and Teacher Love Story You Wouldn't Hate

Most student and teacher love stories today will make you freak out or leave you with a feeling of disgust due to the obviously large age gaps and the "immorality" that usually comes along with it.

But the anime film, Garden of Words (Koto no ha no niwa), won't make you feel that way. Instead, it will make you want to root for the student and the teacher's "relationship."

This anime film does not have any lust; only pure, heart-wrenching love.

Takao Akizuki, a 15 year old student, and Yukari Yukino, a 27 year old teacher, keeps on accidentally meeting each other at the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden on rainy mornings. (Yeah, it's the rainy season month!)

During these rainy mornings, Takao is busy sketching designs of shoes, while the older woman is chugging a can of beer and munching chocolates.

Eventually, they began talking to each other. Takao shared stories about his passions and dreams of becoming a shoe designer, and Yukino only listens.

Despite Yukino's not sharing any stories about herself, Takao soon became drawn to the charm of this woman. Every time Takao wakes up, he's always looking forward to a rainy morning. Because only during this time, he can meet the lovely lady who makes his heart skip a beat. Of course, this is also the same for Yukino, but she never tells.

Until one day, Takao learned the real identity of Yukino. She is one of the teachers in his school. He hardly sees Yukino in school because she has never been his teacher. Knowing this, Takao becomes deeply confused. With his growing affection for his teacher, who wouldn't be shocked to know the truth?

And the plot thickens...

I won't spoil you anymore, so you better watch Garden of Words now.

Here's a little trailer.




5 Reasons Why You Should Read Boku no Hero Academia Manga
If you are looking for a manga that's worthy to read, then Boku no Hero Academia should be on your list.

But let me warn you first. Please don't get turned off by this manga's seemingly long narration and introduction during your first reading of the chapter.

Truth be told, I dropped reading it because of that. Who wants to read a long text in a manga anyway?

Nevertheless, I gave this manga a chance again after I watched its first anime episode. It's so tear-jerking that it made me want to read the manga after that.

So without much further ado, here are the reasons why you need to read Boku no Hero Academia manga:

1. It will make you feel the harsh reality of life.

Despite being a sci-fi and fantasy genre, Boku no Hero Academia will make you feel that the struggle is real.

In a world where having super powers become common, Midoriya Izuku aka Deku, faced life's brutality at an early age of 4.

He dreamed of being a hero when he grows up, but unfortunately, after his visit to the doctor, he received the most devastating news of being quirkless - a person who is not born with a super power.

His heart broke.

What's more, when he asked his mom if he could still be a hero even without a quirk, his mother just cried and said, "I'm sorry."

Whoa! What kind of mother is that? I'm expecting Deku to be consoled by his mom even if it is a lie. That is just so heartbreaking.

2. It will make you realize that even a seemingly insignificant person can influence someone else's life.

To those persons who feel like their existence is insignificant or meaningless, reading Boku no Hero Academia manga will turn your life around.

Even if Deku is quirkless, he rushed over to help his childhood friend (?) Kacchan when he was abducted by some greenish, gooey monster.

Though Deku's act of rescue didn't actually rescue Kacchan, it helped ignite the heroic flame of All Might, the #1 and strongest hero of the world.

3. It will make you realize that weak persons can change.

You may be weak at first, but it doesn't mean that you will be weak forever.

Though you feel like everyone has the upperhand, it doesn't mean that you have no chance of winning at all.

So there's this sports festival on Deku's school. On the first competition, Deku won the race even without using his quirk! (Yea, Deku "obtained" a quirk and was able to enter a school especially for heroes.)

This scene actually made me jump out of joy. Deku won the race without using his quirk! Without a quirk! You get me?

4. Boku no Hero Academia manga is a very exciting read!

As of this writing, the manga has 86 chapters and I finished reading it within one week.

Well, some of you might have finished reading it within a day or two, but you see, I'm a functioning adult of the society.

I have an 8-hour long work, and my only time to unwind is during the evenings. So I think finishing it within one week is already a big achievement for me.

5. You'll love the characters, especially Deku and Todoroki Shouto.

Actually, Deku's kind and cowardly character reminds of Sawada Tsunayoshi of Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

On the other hand, Todoroki's power also remind me of Tsuna's. (Tsuna also has an ice power thingy aside from fire, but I couldn't find a picture.)

Are you now excited to read the Boku no Hero Academia manga? Tell me what you think in the comment box.


A Picture Collection of the Elric Brothers When They Were Young
You've seen the Elric Brothers like this...

by GinRyuk19 of Deviant Art

But do you remember their faces when they were young? Not anymore? Then you're in luck!

While I was watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, I snapped of their young photos. So here they are.

Look at Ed! So proud. While Al looks so innocent.

Go for it Al! You can do it!

Ed, tugging Hohenheim's pants. Lift me up!

Ed's wondering face.

A sad moment :( Ed and Al saw their father leaving.

Still clueless on what's happening :(

Can you share with me your photo collection of the Elric Brothers too?



Switch Girl Live Action: Everyone Has a Gross Side

Even pretty girls have a gross side. And Tamiya Nika, the protagonist of Switch Girl live action, proves that.

Would you believe that a girl like this...

Is actually like this when no one is looking?

And she even does the grossest things... like farting in front of a guy whom she just met in the supermarket.

This is the guy whom she devastated with her fart:

His name is Kamiyama Arata. Definitely a nerd, right?

But he is actually a pretty, hot guy when he is all by himself. 

He only wears those nerdy glasses to avoid getting the attention of everyone. So opposite of Tamiya Nika.

And a love story between them will bloom despite the female protagonist's grossness - the real her.

I actually enjoyed Switch Girl's live action more than its manga version. The manga is pretty boring. But when I found that it has a live action, of course, I immediately watched it.