What would you do if you suddenly wake up in a different world?

No. You're not an otaku turned hero. And you're not a gamer who entered a virtual world either.

While Tenkuu Shinpan is all too similar with the usual "waking-up-in-another-world" story, this manga is definitely on a more unique level.

Honjo Yuri, a "normal" high school girl suddenly woke up in a parallel world where access to the ground is literally impossible.

She's on top of a high-rise building where each building is connected by suspension bridges.

 The view from the top might look majestic, but she needs to get out of the building fast.

Or else, she will be chopped into pieces by this masked mad man.

Just by looking at him, Yuri needs to definitely run for her life. Unknown to her, there are other masked men or women around who are also blood-thirsty killers.

What can a "normal" high school girl do to defeat them?

Tenkuu Shinpan really got me with its unique setting --- high rise buildings... suspension bridges... and of course, the scary masked antagonists.

If you love horror, gore, and witty and powerful women, I highly recommend this manga.