A Picture Collection of the Elric Brothers When They Were Young
You've seen the Elric Brothers like this...

by GinRyuk19 of Deviant Art

But do you remember their faces when they were young? Not anymore? Then you're in luck!

While I was watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, I snapped of their young photos. So here they are.

Look at Ed! So proud. While Al looks so innocent.

Go for it Al! You can do it!

Ed, tugging Hohenheim's pants. Lift me up!

Ed's wondering face.

A sad moment :( Ed and Al saw their father leaving.

Still clueless on what's happening :(

Can you share with me your photo collection of the Elric Brothers too?



Switch Girl Live Action: Everyone Has a Gross Side

Even pretty girls have a gross side. And Tamiya Nika, the protagonist of Switch Girl live action, proves that.

Would you believe that a girl like this...

Is actually like this when no one is looking?

And she even does the grossest things... like farting in front of a guy whom she just met in the supermarket.

This is the guy whom she devastated with her fart:

His name is Kamiyama Arata. Definitely a nerd, right?

But he is actually a pretty, hot guy when he is all by himself. 

He only wears those nerdy glasses to avoid getting the attention of everyone. So opposite of Tamiya Nika.

And a love story between them will bloom despite the female protagonist's grossness - the real her.

I actually enjoyed Switch Girl's live action more than its manga version. The manga is pretty boring. But when I found that it has a live action, of course, I immediately watched it.


Clannad Sucks. Don't Watch It.
Clannad is an old anime but even until today, this anime series is believed to be one of the most heartwarming and tear-jerking series there is.

I really do not have any interest watching Clannad because of the way the characters look. They all look the same (especially the girls), only with different eye and hair colors.

clannad sucks

But since testimonials from the netizens sound so good, I tried watching it.

I like Okazaki Tomoya, the main guy of the story; he's got some humor in him. I couldn't believe that a "sad" anime like this has a mix of funny scenes.

But it gets too boring. I'm already at the 6th episode and I still couldn't feel the tear-jerking part. It feels a drag. So I'm gonna drop it.

If you want a drama anime that will truly send you to tears, I suggest you watch Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 or Wolf Children instead.