So, on my Facebook newsfeed, I saw someone shared his thoughts about the I am a Hero Live Action movie.

As expected, the comments are a bunch of negatives telling that they were disappointed, that the manga was much better.

I was tempted to read the manga right away, but has chosen to watch the live action film instead.

Honestly, as someone who hasn't read the manga, the movie is really good.

I have watched it around 11pm, and I was screaming all over the place. My husband even told me to shut up because it was almost midnight.

But I couldn't help it.

This zombie-genre film is different than the other zombified movies out there. They could talk. Their actions reflect what they have been in the past. Some move slow. Some could run. Some could jump at a seven meter wall.

But most of all, the zombies look gross.

And the one who played the Hero, Suzuki Hideo, is a great actor. He really portrayed well the hardships and life of a 35-year old manga artist who has never been published.

So looking back at the character of Hideo, he is truly an inspiring person even if he isn't successful in life yet.

Highly recommended live action movie.


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