It's a miracle that I managed to grab some luxurious time to watch anime for the summer 2016 season. Well actually, it's not a miracle. I deliberately ditched household chores and doing the laundry just for the sake of watching most (if not all) of the summer 2016 anime.

And I was surprised to see that there are so many good series this season compared to the spring season. So here are the anime series that piqued my interest (not in order):

91 Days

91 Days is an anime that revolves around vengeance. Avilio Bruno, whose family is killed by their enemy mafia, has vowed to exact revenge.

Most anime series have thought us that vengeance won't do you any good as it will only be a cycle of hate and sorrow. But I couldn't blame Avilio for wanting revenge. If your dearest parents and only little brother are killed right before your eyes, won't you feel the same?

Alderamin on the Sky

"Year 905 on the Imperial Calendar. This man, Ikta Solork, would later come to be known as the Invincible Lazy General." Now, who wouldn't be hooked with that? I will certainly won't take my eyes away from this lazy yet super amazing guy.

Alderamin on the Sky is produced by Madhouse by the way. The studio that produced other great anime series such as Death Note, High School of the Dead, One Punch Man, Parasyte, Hunter X Hunter 2011, Death Parade, Claymore, and many more! So I have really high hopes for this anime.

Arslan Senki S2

So glad to see Prince Arslan to be back on screen. Before watching this, make sure you have watched season one first. Let's see how this seemingly weak and girly-looking prince reclaim his throne from his kingdom's enemies.


I'm about to drop Berserk from my watchlist because of its CGI animation. It's not badly drawn; however, those pencil-line shadows will get on your nerves, and the characters seem to move in slow motion. But I decided to tolerate it because I have heard that the old Berserk anime has a very terrific plot. Also, the fight scenes and goriness of the first episode made me want to stick to this anime remake.

Cheer Danshi

Would you like to watch an all-boys cheer dancing group? I certainly would! Don't worry. Cheer Danshi is not like those all-boys idol group anime series, wherein there are only hot guys singing (badly) and dancing (in a robot-like manner). Cheer Danshi has a solid and interesting story. From being members of the judo club, our main protagonists here will be entering the world of cheer dancing. Can you imagine?

D. Gray-man Hallow

I'm a fan of D. Gray-man season one so I definitely wouldn't be missing this. I would suggest that you watch season one first or else you might not understand the entire story. D. Gray-man in general is about exorcists who are fighting the akuma and their ring leader, the Millenium Earl.

That's it for today! Wait for Part 2.

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