Even pretty girls have a gross side. And Tamiya Nika, the protagonist of Switch Girl live action, proves that.

Would you believe that a girl like this...

Is actually like this when no one is looking?

And she even does the grossest things... like farting in front of a guy whom she just met in the supermarket.

This is the guy whom she devastated with her fart:

His name is Kamiyama Arata. Definitely a nerd, right?

But he is actually a pretty, hot guy when he is all by himself. 

He only wears those nerdy glasses to avoid getting the attention of everyone. So opposite of Tamiya Nika.

And a love story between them will bloom despite the female protagonist's grossness - the real her.

I actually enjoyed Switch Girl's live action more than its manga version. The manga is pretty boring. But when I found that it has a live action, of course, I immediately watched it.

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