For so many years, Hatake Kakashi's true face has been a mystery. Even the Naruto anime series made a special episode out of it.

Who wouldn't be curious to see his true face? Even the ever serious Sasuke let himself in on Naruto's silly mission on revealing their sensei's face.

And it's kind of funny on what kind of faces they imagined on what's under Kakashi's mask.

Does Kakashi have big lips? A buck teeth? Or one with a small mouth? Well, neither of them. This is what Kakashi really looks like without his mask on:

And this one is legit. It's not a fanart. Kishimoto Masashi revealed Kakashi's true face during an art exhibition in Tokyo last April 25, 2015.

Here's a colored version:

So if you happen to see any images of Kakashi without a mole on his face, those are only fanarts.

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