Do You Remember These Old Anime Songs?
So many new anime series. But only a few great anime OSTs. I'm not saying that I am better in composing anime music because I'm only a spectator.

But for 14+ years of being in the anime fandom, I could say that anime OSTs are far much better during the 90s and early 2000s.

Dragon Ball Z Opening 1 - Cha-La Head-Cha-La by Hironobu Kageyama

Dragon Ball Z Ending 1 - Dete Koi Tobikiri ZENKAI Power! by Manna

Dragon Ball Z Opening 2 - We Gotta Power by Hironobu Kageyama

Dragon Ball Z Ending 2 - Boku-tachi wa Tenshi datta by Hironobu Kageyama

Digimon Adventure Opening 1 - Butter-fly by Kouji Wada

Rurouni Kenshin Opening 1 - Freckles by Sandy Fox

Yu Yu Hakusho Opening 1 - Hohoemi no Bakudan by Matsuko Mawatari

Sailor Moon Opening 1 - Moonlight Densetsu by DALI

Berserk Opening 1 - Tell Me Why by PENPALS

Inuyasha Opening 1 - Change the World by V6

Inuyasha Ending 2 - Fukai Mori by Do As Infinity

Inuyasha Ending 3 - Dearest by Ayumi Hamasaki

Inuyasha Ending 4 - Every Heart - Minna no Kimochi by Boa

Inuyasha Ending 5 - Shinjitsu no Uta by Do As Infinity


Kuzu no Honkai Anime: First Impressions

This is the best first episode I have watched so far for the winter season.

OP - fantastic

Art - great

Emotions - super, great job seiyuus!

Background music - spot on!

ED - awesome

Story - mediocre/common, but it turned out to be above average because of the aforementioned elements

Now, I've been reading a lot of negative reviews because of its NTR nature. Yea, you could see boobs and French kissing which is not really for kids. But to me, that's just plainly okay. I could handle it. Great to be an adult.

It's R-17+ with violence and profanity.

Fuuka Anime: First Impressions
What's happening to the anime world? It seems that most of the anime today have weak first episodes.

Fuuka looks like a pretty cool manga about music, yet its first episode lacks the impact to captivate the audience.

If the production staff thinks that the best way to get a hold of the audience is through using panty shots and ecchi stuff right off the bat when in fact the focus here is about music, then they did a rather lame job.

Not a reader of the Fuuka manga but I checked it out to confirm if it really does have a very weak intro plot. But no.

I just wish that Fuuka's script writer had done a better job on retelling the story. Cut which scenes are not essential, and highlight those which are.


Kiss Him, Not Me: Who's the Best Guy for Kae-chan?

I normally don't like an anime full of hot guys, because usually, the story is crap such as B-Project, Scared Rider Xechs, Tsukiuta, and many more.

But Kiss Him, Not Me is different. Though the guys are all good-looking, the girl MC, Kae, is not. She's fat. She's got small, squinty eyes. And she's a fujoshi. So I wondered why four hot guys are fawning over this round ball of meat.

After undergoing depression (due to fujoshi reasons), Kae didn't eat within a week and she drastically lose weight! I tried starving myself for a week, but I didn't even last within a day.

From a pig to a headturner beauty, Kae gained four admirers. FOUR ADMIRERS.

So, who's your bet among the four?

For me, I like Nana. I like blonde guys! Plus, he'll be the most fitting husband for Kae because he knows how to cook, clean the house, and play with kids!

I know many hate Nana because it seemed that he only fell in love with Kae because she's gotten so beautiful, and he's rude (but he's only tsundere).

Come on, guys. Let's be honest here. In real life, no guy would be "immediately" attracted to a fat and ugly girl.

Don't be hypocrites.