Oshiete yo oshiete yo sono shikumi wo...

No, they're not the cast. They're only the cast for Tokyo Ghoul's stage play.

Yes, Tokyo Ghoul will be having a live action film! Though there's not much details yet.

And because of this very shocking news, I would like to ask your feelings about this.

Are you excited? Or are you just like many other anime and manga fans who already predicted that the adaptation will be bad?

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Well, I couldn't blame them if they complain first before they see the movie.

There are a lot of live action films that gave cancer to most anime and manga fans saying that the live action films have killed the plot of the original story (such as Attack on Titan Live Action).

Or if they haven't killed the story, they killed the adaptation by having not-so great actors and poor graphics or movie effects (such as Parasyte Live Action).

Despite Japanese Live Action Films almost always failing the expectations of anime and manga fans, I'm still hyped whenever a good anime will be having a live action.

I prefer them being adapted by the Japanese instead of Hollywood because when an anime is adapted, most of the characters became sluts (just like what happened to Goku and Chichi in Dragonball Evolution).

So let's give Tokyo Ghoul Live Action a chance. It might not be as bad as you think.

According to BandagedMask-San, Ishida Sui will be "cautious with this movie and will try to keep this movie from going to the Hall of Live Action Shame" which is based on what he read on Ishida's Twitter account. Read the full comment of the fan below.

Comment screenshot from Goboiano

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