keijo anime boobs clash

Keijo. A sports anime that involves the clash of boobs and butts.

Most find Keijo laughable (yet interesting because of the ecchi stuff) when they saw its anime trailer, and now, the first episode. Anyway, what kind of sports uses boobs and butts in a sports battle?

Nevertheless, I honestly think that Keijo has a unique and great story especially in the manga. I have finished reading its manga a long time ago, and I was excited to find out that Keijo now has an anime series.

However, Keijo anime didn't turn out to be as great as the Keijo manga.

I know. This is just a common scenario wherein the manga becomes trash as soon as it is adapted to an anime series.

However, the Keijo anime is just way too beyond meh.

The art is obviously good and the music definitely fits its battle scenes, but the story?

It has become laughable.

Though Keijo is a "unique" sports, reading the manga will make you feel taking Keijo seriously.

Reading its manga will make you view Keijo as a bonafide sports. It will make you forget about the boobs and butts because the "characters" are taking the sports seriously. You will be enamored with their tenacity and unique personalities.

But the Keijo anime didn't capture the characters' personalities and the narrative falls short.

I had really high hopes for this anime because its manga is just too good. So I'm dropping this one.

By the way, if you would still watch Keijo, here are the people you should watch out for. They are the legendary members of room 309.

keijo anime room 309

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