Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood: Did Maria Ross Die?
maria ross full metal alchemist brotherhood

Second Lieutenant Maria Ross is assigned to be one of the escorts of Edward Elric after becoming vulnerable to attacks by Scar, the Ishbalan thug who kills State Alchemists for revenge.

However, Ross is falsely charged with the killing of Brigadier General Maes Hughes which is actually a cruel plot of the Homunculi to avert Colonel Roy Mustang's eye on who the real culprit is.

Ross is put into jail but she escapes through the help of Barry the Chopper. When the higher ups find out, they release a shoot-to-kill order in case the military dogs find her.

During her escape, she bumps into Mustang. With a snap of his fingers, Mustang burned Ross to death.

maria ross killed by roy mustang

Now, did Mustang really kill Ross?

Good news. She's alive.

maria ross is alive


Who Among Them Are Your Favorite Masked Anime Characters?
Masks are objects of disguise, mystery and deceit. Hence, in an anime series, masked characters add depth to its story, a feeling of intrigue.

With more than thousands of anime series made, I'm sure you have your own favorite masked anime character. Have I included them in this list?

1. Kurosaki Ichigo (Bleach)

kurosaki ichigo bleach masked anime character



Monster: Should You Still Keep Trying Even If It's Impossible?
monster anime shemel

I just finished watching the 62nd episode of Monster and this kid with the curly black hair spouted a stunning truth.

"Even if you do your best, if it's impossible, it's still impossible."

Shemel, the kid with the curly black hair, blurted out those words when Dr. Tenma said that he would be doing his best to make a paper airplane that flies after so many failed attempts. And on Dr. Tenma's -nth try, he was able to create a flying paper airplane.

Well, good for him. Succeeding in creating a paper airplane that flies is fairly easy compared to the harsh realities of life. And Shemel is only telling a harsh truth.

If you know from the start that you can't achieve your goal no matter how much you persevere, why don't you just give up and stop wasting your time on trying to get the things that you know you couldn't reach?

Is giving up really that bad? What do you think?