The first anime series that I watched with a historical and warring state plot is Arslan Senki. And I liked it very much. However, I have a new favorite and that is the season 1 of the Kingdom anime.

Though the Kingdom anime premiered on 2012, I just discovered it a couple of days ago. I'm actually looking for a new manga to read and Kingdom belongs to the top charts. 

Reading its summary, I know it would be worth it. 

War-orphaned slaves dreaming big to become Great Generals of the Heavens? That's already pretty awesome for me. 

Though most shounen and seinen anime have that typical dream-to-success stories with a predictable plot, I'm not that picky. I'm not really looking for anything unique. As long as it is within the action genre, I'm in!

So I googled if Kingdom has an anime series, cos for me, any story with action should be watched on the screen! Who's with me?

And lucky! Kingdom manga has an anime series.

While others are disappointed by Kingdom's CGI animation making them to drop the series, I'm not. I used to hate CGI too cos the animation seems to move at a turtle motion. But I learned to grow up and focused more on the story instead. I actually think Kingdom's CGI animation is a lot more tolerable than the CGI of Berserk 2016.

Despite its CGI flaw (which does not really matter for me), I think Kingdom is a great anime to watch. You could feel the surging emotions happening in a battlefield. Confidence. Bravery. Doubt. Deceit. Hopelessness. Sadness. And the feeling of obtaining a Glorious Victory.

Can't wait to start watching season 2. I finished watching all 38 episodes within 3 days which is already an achievement for me. Cos you know, work gets in the way of anime.

Have you already watched Kingdom anime too? What can you say about it? Awesome, right?

Rate: 10/10

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