If you are looking for a manga that's worthy to read, then Boku no Hero Academia should be on your list.

But let me warn you first. Please don't get turned off by this manga's seemingly long narration and introduction during your first reading of the chapter.

Truth be told, I dropped reading it because of that. Who wants to read a long text in a manga anyway?

Nevertheless, I gave this manga a chance again after I watched its first anime episode. It's so tear-jerking that it made me want to read the manga after that.

So without much further ado, here are the reasons why you need to read Boku no Hero Academia manga:

1. It will make you feel the harsh reality of life.

Despite being a sci-fi and fantasy genre, Boku no Hero Academia will make you feel that the struggle is real.

In a world where having super powers become common, Midoriya Izuku aka Deku, faced life's brutality at an early age of 4.

He dreamed of being a hero when he grows up, but unfortunately, after his visit to the doctor, he received the most devastating news of being quirkless - a person who is not born with a super power.

His heart broke.

What's more, when he asked his mom if he could still be a hero even without a quirk, his mother just cried and said, "I'm sorry."

Whoa! What kind of mother is that? I'm expecting Deku to be consoled by his mom even if it is a lie. That is just so heartbreaking.

2. It will make you realize that even a seemingly insignificant person can influence someone else's life.

To those persons who feel like their existence is insignificant or meaningless, reading Boku no Hero Academia manga will turn your life around.

Even if Deku is quirkless, he rushed over to help his childhood friend (?) Kacchan when he was abducted by some greenish, gooey monster.

Though Deku's act of rescue didn't actually rescue Kacchan, it helped ignite the heroic flame of All Might, the #1 and strongest hero of the world.

3. It will make you realize that weak persons can change.

You may be weak at first, but it doesn't mean that you will be weak forever.

Though you feel like everyone has the upperhand, it doesn't mean that you have no chance of winning at all.

So there's this sports festival on Deku's school. On the first competition, Deku won the race even without using his quirk! (Yea, Deku "obtained" a quirk and was able to enter a school especially for heroes.)

This scene actually made me jump out of joy. Deku won the race without using his quirk! Without a quirk! You get me?

4. Boku no Hero Academia manga is a very exciting read!

As of this writing, the manga has 86 chapters and I finished reading it within one week.

Well, some of you might have finished reading it within a day or two, but you see, I'm a functioning adult of the society.

I have an 8-hour long work, and my only time to unwind is during the evenings. So I think finishing it within one week is already a big achievement for me.

5. You'll love the characters, especially Deku and Todoroki Shouto.

Actually, Deku's kind and cowardly character reminds of Sawada Tsunayoshi of Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

On the other hand, Todoroki's power also remind me of Tsuna's. (Tsuna also has an ice power thingy aside from fire, but I couldn't find a picture.)

Are you now excited to read the Boku no Hero Academia manga? Tell me what you think in the comment box.


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