Most student and teacher love stories today will make you freak out or leave you with a feeling of disgust due to the obviously large age gaps and the "immorality" that usually comes along with it.

But the anime film, Garden of Words (Koto no ha no niwa), won't make you feel that way. Instead, it will make you want to root for the student and the teacher's "relationship."

This anime film does not have any lust; only pure, heart-wrenching love.

Takao Akizuki, a 15 year old student, and Yukari Yukino, a 27 year old teacher, keeps on accidentally meeting each other at the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden on rainy mornings. (Yeah, it's the rainy season month!)

During these rainy mornings, Takao is busy sketching designs of shoes, while the older woman is chugging a can of beer and munching chocolates.

Eventually, they began talking to each other. Takao shared stories about his passions and dreams of becoming a shoe designer, and Yukino only listens.

Despite Yukino's not sharing any stories about herself, Takao soon became drawn to the charm of this woman. Every time Takao wakes up, he's always looking forward to a rainy morning. Because only during this time, he can meet the lovely lady who makes his heart skip a beat. Of course, this is also the same for Yukino, but she never tells.

Until one day, Takao learned the real identity of Yukino. She is one of the teachers in his school. He hardly sees Yukino in school because she has never been his teacher. Knowing this, Takao becomes deeply confused. With his growing affection for his teacher, who wouldn't be shocked to know the truth?

And the plot thickens...

I won't spoil you anymore, so you better watch Garden of Words now.

Here's a little trailer.

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