Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood: Did Maria Ross Die?

maria ross full metal alchemist brotherhood

Second Lieutenant Maria Ross is assigned to be one of the escorts of Edward Elric after becoming vulnerable to attacks by Scar, the Ishbalan thug who kills State Alchemists for revenge.

However, Ross is falsely charged with the killing of Brigadier General Maes Hughes which is actually a cruel plot of the Homunculi to avert Colonel Roy Mustang's eye on who the real culprit is.

Ross is put into jail but she escapes through the help of Barry the Chopper. When the higher ups find out, they release a shoot-to-kill order in case the military dogs find her.

During her escape, she bumps into Mustang. With a snap of his fingers, Mustang burned Ross to death.

maria ross killed by roy mustang

Now, did Mustang really kill Ross?

Good news. She's alive.

maria ross is alive
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