Clannad is an old anime but even until today, this anime series is believed to be one of the most heartwarming and tear-jerking series there is.

I really do not have any interest watching Clannad because of the way the characters look. They all look the same (especially the girls), only with different eye and hair colors.

clannad sucks

But since testimonials from the netizens sound so good, I tried watching it.

I like Okazaki Tomoya, the main guy of the story; he's got some humor in him. I couldn't believe that a "sad" anime like this has a mix of funny scenes.

But it gets too boring. I'm already at the 6th episode and I still couldn't feel the tear-jerking part. It feels a drag. So I'm gonna drop it.

If you want a drama anime that will truly send you to tears, I suggest you watch Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 or Wolf Children instead.

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