I normally don't like an anime full of hot guys, because usually, the story is crap such as B-Project, Scared Rider Xechs, Tsukiuta, and many more.

But Kiss Him, Not Me is different. Though the guys are all good-looking, the girl MC, Kae, is not. She's fat. She's got small, squinty eyes. And she's a fujoshi. So I wondered why four hot guys are fawning over this round ball of meat.

After undergoing depression (due to fujoshi reasons), Kae didn't eat within a week and she drastically lose weight! I tried starving myself for a week, but I didn't even last within a day.

From a pig to a headturner beauty, Kae gained four admirers. FOUR ADMIRERS.

So, who's your bet among the four?

For me, I like Nana. I like blonde guys! Plus, he'll be the most fitting husband for Kae because he knows how to cook, clean the house, and play with kids!

I know many hate Nana because it seemed that he only fell in love with Kae because she's gotten so beautiful, and he's rude (but he's only tsundere).

Come on, guys. Let's be honest here. In real life, no guy would be "immediately" attracted to a fat and ugly girl.

Don't be hypocrites.

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